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      1. Kunshan Honglei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

        Kunshanshi Honglei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (knows as Honglei Electronics) was established in 2006. Our company is located at No. 169, Xingke Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of about 4,500 square meters and has about 120 employees.

        4500㎡building area

        12years of professional production

        More than 120employees

        Integrity managementIntegrity management

        Focus on professionalFocus on professional

        Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

        Perfect after-salesPerfect after-sales

        Why choose Honglei Electronics?

        In addition to a sufficient amount of inventory, there are more than 70 sets of grinding machines, cutting machines, processing workshops and various processing machinery and equipment.

        Factory direct sales at affordable prices

        Save production consumption, enhance production capacity and reduce production costs

        Quality is guaranteed

        Equipped with post-inspection personnel and related professional inspection equipment

        Customized according to drawings and samples

        Can be customized according to customer requirements, drawings and samples, stamping and forming

        Worry-free after-sale freight

        Arrange the transportation of goods, monitor the road condition and location throughout the process, and provide excellent after-sales service.

        Manufacturer of insulation and thermal insulation materials

        Advanced production equipment, leading technology level, create excellent products

        Heat shield Fiberglass panels Bakelite Anti-static series GPO-3/SMC

        Product consultation hotline:
        National consultation hotline:

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